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Konstanz creativity: The Kinderhaus childcare centre

“It makes a huge difference to have a place like the Kinderhaus where my children feel at home. It frees me up to really concentrate on my research and teaching responsibilities”.

Professor Susanne Goldlücke, professor of economics, especially microeconomic theory

“It is extremely important for us to have the Kinderhaus so close by. It saves us a lot of time because we can reach the Kinderhaus on foot and then walk to work afterwards. This gives us much more freedom for our research”.

Professor Bastian Goldlücke, professor of computer vision and image analysis

“When we moved to Konstanz in April of 2014, there was no space for our son in any of the city’s kindergartens. The Kinderhaus, however, had an opening for Lukas. This is a good example of the support the University of Konstanz provides: If you have a problem, then the solution is never far. I was very impressed at how difficulties were resolved. Family support services are very strong in Konstanz – I speak from experience”.

Susanne Goldlücke

Bastian Goldlücke: “Events often do take place in the evening, after kindergartens usually close. It’s great to be able to book additional childcare in the Kinderhaus that lasts into the evenings. If need be, our daughter can stay until 20:00”.

Susanne Goldlücke: “Even on short notice – We don’t use the option very often, but it is very helpful to know that we have it”.

“The ‘Zahnwackler’ is what the kindergarteners who will be starting school this autumn are called”.

Bastian Goldlücke

“Just imagine how it would be if one child attended one kindergarten and the other a different one. It would be much more difficult for only one of us to bring them both in the morning. It is very important for us that this works well, in particular if one of us is at a conference”.

Susanne Goldlücke

“Our son now spends his afternoons at school. Unfortunately, he barely eats anything there, since he doesn’t like the food. He really liked it in the Kinderhaus, though, and always had a healthy appetite. They have their own cook and the food is always fresh”.

Bastian Goldlücke

“This is something that doesn’t show up in any statistics – the enthusiasm and effort put into their work by each kindergarten caregiver, the cook and everyone at the Kinderhaus. This level of quality is what we and other parents really value. I know that our children are in good hands there. Or like another mother once said: You feel like you and the staff at the Kinderhaus are on the same team”.

Susanne Goldlücke

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What exactly is creative research? How can a university foster creativity? And what is the best possible result of combining creative research with creative working conditions. In our series “Creative university – Konstanz creativity”, researchers, staff and students share their perspectives on what makes research and teaching so extraordinary at the University of Konstanz – one of only six German universities whose institutional strategy has been funded in both phases of the Excellence competition.