Podcast "Die Grüne Lupe Konstanz"

Climate protection award of the Konstanz district presented to Luisa Hoffmann and Meike Hein from the University of Konstanz for their sustainability podcast.
© Stefan Greitemeier

A podcast that's all about sustainability? Listen to "Die Grüne Lupe Konstanz" (the green magnifying glass). The podcast (in German) is freely accessible on the website of the University of Konstanz's Green Office. It has just received the 2022 climate protection award "Klimaschutzpreis" of the Konstanz district in the category of public institutions. The award was issued for the first time this year and recognizes projects that actively promote climate protection in the Konstanz district. Meike Hein, who hosts the podcast with Luisa Hoffmann, accepted the award at the official ceremony in the "Bodenseeforum" in Konstanz on 19 October 2022.

Expert views on the subject of sustainability
"Die Grüne Lupe Konstanz" was launched in the summer of 2021. Since then, Meike Hein and Luisa Hoffmann have been co-hosting the podcast and exchanging ideas with their guests – experts from Konstanz and local activists – on various sustainability topics in episodes of about 15 minutes each. Their project is supported by the student-led Green Office, the Staff Unit Sustainability as well as the Sustainable Development Working Group at the University of Konstanz.

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"We are so happy about this distinction! It really is a great honour to have our work recognized in this way, and of course we hope that, thanks to the award, we will be able to reach even more people and get them excited about the topic of sustainability".

Award winner Luisa Hoffmann

The current award is not the first one for the podcast: In 2021, "Die Grüne Lupe Konstanz" was one of three projects to receive the Transfer Award of the University of Konstanz Society.

Two years, two seasons
So far, "Die Grüne Lupe Konstanz" has more than 20 episodes. The first season of the podcast focused on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Each episode highlights one of the 17 SDGs. The hosts discuss with University of Konstanz researchers how the respective SDG is implemented at the university. They present corresponding research and explore from various perspectives how each of us can act more sustainably.

In the current second season, the hosts take a different approach and talk to local activists outside the university who work on the topics of climate protection and sustainability: from representatives of the administrative district office Konstanz to local waste disposal companies and managers of a local organic farm. All episodes of the podcast "Die Grüne Lupe Konstanz" can be found here.

About the climate protection award
The Konstanz district issued the "Klimaschutzpreis" for the first time this year. In the future, the award will be announced annually and thus regularly honour projects and initiatives that actively promote climate protection at the local level. The award recognizes local projects and measures relevant to climate protection, makes them more visible and raises awareness for climate protection issues in the Konstanz region.

Awarding of all winning projects of the climate protection prize of the district of Konstanz 2022

© District of Konstanz (2022)

(from the left: Jens Laufer and Matthias König (allsafe GmbH & Co. KG), Dr. Hilmar Hofmann, Meike Hein and Neyne Ekhteira (University of Konstanz), Landrat Zeno Danner, Thorsten Dahmen, Gunter Lange (KiKuZ Konstanz), Brenda Pimentel-Dahmen, Benjamin and Ann-Christine Biesinger, Jochen Brugger, Uschi Rottinger and Cosima Breitkopf (Eichendorff Realschule Gottmadingen).

You can find all previous episodes of the "Die Grüne Lupe Konstanz" podcast on the official website of the Green Office Konstanz:

Podcast "Die Grüne Lupe Konstanz"

Daniel Schmidtke

By Daniel Schmidtke - 11.11.2022